Couch to 5k

At Carpe Diem we want to get everyone running and we believe everyone has a 5km in them.

Therefore, we’re launching our couch to 5k program in February 2021, for those who want to try out the club and get back to being active.

The plan is designed for non-runners or those who’s coming back to running from scratch. There is plenty of walking incorporated from the start, so don’t worry about being unfit or unable to run right away.

At the end of 6 weeks, you can decide should you want to continue as a club member and join us for our regular training sessions.

To make a real good go of the Couch to 5k programme, it requires only three sessions of activity a week. The schedule for our Couch to 5k sessions is below and we encourage you to join the group for as many sessions as you can, for support and motivation.

Let’s do this!

Couch to 5k Group Schedule

Wednesday & Friday Mornings

6:15am – Commonwealth park

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

6:30pm – Commonwealth park

Saturday Morning

9am – Commonwealth park

Fully booked – Register your interest for the next group starting in the summer!

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